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Via Balduccio da Pisa


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Via Balduccio da Pisa is a new complex designed from the recovery of an industrial area, with a modern architecture and a new mode of use of space, whose peculiarity is expressed in the functionality and versatility, without neglecting the powerful influence derived from a refined aesthetic.

The whole area is currently undergoing a major redevelopment and is surrounded by large green spaces. The structure is adjacent to a garden for public use of over 8,500 sqm. Which is reachable by Via Balduccio da Pisa.

The access road, which is pedestrian is controlled by a concierge and the path for vehicles are totally buried. The open spaces are for the exclusive use of pedestrians.

The complex has a room for meetings, events and a wellness centre.

The Equipment

The units, designed with multi-functional typological characteristics, allow the widest use of space and are custom made with quality materials.

The central heating system is highly efficient and is independently managed for each individual unit, we also predispose of air conditioning for every single unit.

The headroom is an impressive 5.25 meters.; 2.70 meters only the upper floor. The lofts are also available divided and enclosed by walls, doors and windows are full height.

The management of all facilities of each apartment can be controlled with a remote control.

The thermal and acoustic insulation is guaranteed by a special external structure in conjunction with a thermal break window with double-glazing.


The Area

The area is 7,200 sqm. with access from Via Balduccio da Pisa and is bordered by residential buildings and a large garden for public use.

The area has been reclaimed and is fully certified and each building is designed with only two units per floor, eight units in total for each building, one of the sides is in compliance with the neighbouring units.

Two bodies arranged on 4 floors of the north-south and east-west exposures, one dedicated to the basement garage, to the cellars and technical rooms. All stairwells are equipped with a very large elevator starting from the garage.

Large terraces and balconies are covered and all ground floor units have large private gardens.