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Studio Apartments

What you look for in a home is, above all, harmony and elegance?
The most important thing in a apartment is to be able to combine functionality and style.
Your apartment, without taking in consideration size should always be a space to let go of your own creativity, it should be a house to live, to be furnished with fantasy.
The one bedroom apartments are designed as open space to take full advantage of their square meters (50 to 61).

One Bedroom apartments

The apartments are designed for those young families who want to have an apartment to use on weekends or for their holidays.
The two room apartments are also the right choice if you want to invest in a apartmet and get an income that can repay at least part of the mortgage to the bank.
The apartments are designed and engineered with sizes ranging from 50sqm. to80sqm. Always reserving wide open spaces for both terraces and lodges.

Two bedroom Apartments

A growing family needs adequate space,with modern and flexible solutions.
Designed with a unique look to functionality and comfort, this house is ideal for afamily that is growing and wants to keep close their dearest friends.
The room layout allows you to invent different options depending on the needs. It may be a playroom for the children, a guests room for friends who want to visit you and enjoy the beauty that liguria has to offer. Or better yet it may be a tavern to host some friends after a nice day at the beach or after a golf match. 
The three rooms have sizes that very between 75 square meters. and 100sqm. All with large terraces. The apartments may have one or two bathrooms. 

Three Bedroom Apartments

Space, light, air.
Architecture and nature combined in a beautiful apartment designed to be fully lived. Space for ideas and projects. 
For the most part the three bedroom apartments are developed on two or three different floors. On the highest floor of the apartment, we have a large living room with a kitchen, two or three bedrooms and a maximum of two bathrooms.
On the lower ground floor we have a basement which overlooks the garden.
These apartments have sizes that range from 100 square meters up to over 200 sqm.